Tuesday 20 November 2012

Christmas Elf Pattern

Free Christmas Elf Toy Knitting Pattern by Raynor Gellatly.

With Christmas right around the corner I've been wanting to try out some cool new traditions for the kids. I've been reading a lot about an American tradition called 'Elf on a Shelf' and thought it was fantastic - was until I looked for a set available in the UK. Sadly the cheapest one I could find was £30 (approx $50) which is way too expensive! So I decided to make my own alternative with some wooden peg dolls I've had lying around for over a year, and I've decided to pass on the pattern to you guys.
Obviously you will need to purchase some wooden peg dolls but these are inexpensive and easily available from local craft shops as well as online. I purchased a set of 9 dolls size from goosegreaseundone and they came in a little muslin bag to keep them altogether.
check out these other sellers:

for those in the UK I found this site.

Please note this pattern is to fit a 3" boy and girl wood peg doll, not the larger 3.5" sizes.

If you know any good deals or places to buy these little wood people then leave a comment and to let others know.

These dolls are great for children and use in imaginative play as they outfits are removable as well as progressing their dexterity by allowing them to put the cloths on and off. They would also make super cute Christmas decor or perhaps even little holiday gift, so why don't you pin them and spread the Elf love ♡.

· Set of 3.25mm needles (UK size 10, US size 3),  preferably a set of dpns for i-cord arms
· Yarn needle
· Scissors
· Wool Felt scraps in yellow and white (optional)
· 3" Wood peg doll
· non-toxic craft paint (acrylics work best)

Yarn colours
·Dark green
·Light green
· Skin
· Hair colour (optional if making girl braids)

· Scraps of black/yellow embroidery thread(optional)

Yarn weight: Double knitting (DK)

Finished measurements: approx 3” tall and 1” wide

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Please don't give these as toys to children who still put things in their mouths, leave them unfinished and they will be safe to play with (waldorf style).

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Boy Elf Costume
CO 20 in dark green
1-7. st-st 7 rows (begin with a purl row)
change to red yarn
change to light green yarn
9-13. st-st 5 rows
14.  *k2tog, k3* along (16sts)
15. BO loosely

Leave a long yarn tail to draw through the last stitch. Use the long yarn tail to mattress stitch together the row ends until you read the cast on stitches, weave in any loose yarn ends.

Girl Elf Costume
CO 24 in dark green
1. purl

change to light green yarn
2. k1, k2tog, k21 (23sts)
3. purl
4. k1, k2tog, k20 (22sts)
5. purl
6. k1, k2tog, k19 (21sts)
7. purl
8. k1, k2tog, k18 (20sts)
9-11. st-st 3 rows (begin with purl row)
change to red yarn
10-11. st-st 2 rows
14.  *k2tog, k3* along (16sts)
15. BO loosely

Leave a long yarn tail to draw through the last stitch. Use the long yarn tail to mattress stitch together the row ends until you read the cast on stitches, weave in any loose yarn ends.
Arms (make 2)
The arms are knit by i-cord, if you are unfamiliar with this technique check out this video which teaches you how to i-cord, scroll down to just before the bottom, instructions for English and continental knitters.
CO 3 in skin
i-cord 2 rows in skin
change to light green yarn (boy) or red yarn (girl)
i-cord for 5 rows

Pull the yarn tail though the last stitch and leave to attach to the body. Tie up and weave in any loose ends from yarn change and cast on.

CO 18 in  dark green
1. purl
change to red yarn
2-4. st-st 3 rows
5. *p2tog, p4* along (15sts)
6. *k2tog, k3* along (12sts)
7. purl
8. *k2tog, k2* along (9sts)
9. purl
10. *k2tog, k1* along (6sts)
11. purl
12. *k2tog* along (3sts)
13-17. st-st 5 rows

Cut yarn, leaving a long tail. Draw tail through remaining stitches and pull tightly and secure. Use tail to mattress stitch row ends closed until you  reach the cast on stitches. Tie oof and weave in any loose yarn ends.
**TIP** how about adding a little jingle bell to the end of the hat?

Optional Girl Braids (make 2)
Cut  3 x 3" strands of hair coloured yarn
thread the three stands through a stitch at the bottom of the hat, even up on each side and braid the stands. Tie a knot once you reach the desired length and trim any excess yarn.

  • Slip the outfit over the peg doll to provide a structure. Use the long yarn tail to attach the arms each side of the body (use the photos as guidance).
  • Embroider on a belt buckle and buttons for the boy and a little collar for the girl (I used wool felt and fabric glue, do not use this if for a child who will put the toy in its mouth.)
  •  You can paint the dolls or leave them unfinished, they look super cute both ways.
These are how my dolls looked in a more simplistic style without arms (good for young kids) as well as unpainted.

As these are so quick to knit up I'm going to be releasing a whole series of Christmas characters so check back for more peg doll updates.
Happy knitting
♥ Raynor

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