Well its always a sticky subject, but it has to be done!
The Copyright of  the Knitted Toy Box Designs on this blog belong to Raynor Gellatly.

Feel free to:
  • Distribute patterns for free (direct link as often as possible)
  • make as many items as you like for personal or charitable purposes
  • sell any finished items made from my patterns (I would appreciate credit for the pattern, or a even just a link to the site, however its not a must.)
  • Take any of my pattern and claim they are your own
  • Sell any patterns for a profit
  • Make kits with the patterns for profit
  • Use my photographs without linking to the blog or placing a copyright with my name/blog name

For Featured Patterns
Please take time to read the copyright as stated by the pattern designer as they may differ from my own personal views. Some designers will let you use the patterns for personal use only with no selling rights included.

Even if these are not your own personal views on copyright, they are those of the designers so please respect them. Even though a pattern may seem simple a lot of work goes into creating them and its nice to appreciate the effort the designers have gone to to share their creations for free.

Ok i'll get off my soap box now, I hope that cleared a few things up for people, happy knitting.
♥ Raynor
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