Monday 1 October 2012

Flickr Faves

I always love to see what people knit up from my patterns. I especially like it when they use different yarn, colours, needles sizes etc. because it just shows how one little change to requirements can completely change the whole look of a toy. If you haven't already joined the photo sharing group over at Flickr then feel free to pop over their and join us in the Knitted Toy Box group and upload  photos of your finished knitted toy box toys. Here are some of my personal favourites from the group.




Whizzbobrox said...

Hi :)
It's great to see that you're back again! I love your patterns!

Anonymous said...

Do you use dpns to knit your incredibly cute animals???:D

Unknown said...

I don't use dpns as I am hopeless with them but I don't mind seaming so never really felt the inclination to persevere with them. :)

farlee82 said...

Thank god for that... because most doll patterns uses dpns... im hopeless with it too :)

~d(-_-)b~ said...

I'm new at this tiny knitting and dint know wot 2 do so with help from this ill try ;-)