Monday, 24 December 2012

Free Knitting Pattern Directory

** UPDATE** Just to let you guys know that all seems to be fixed at Knitting Pattern Central. The new owner Emily released a statement on their facebook page to say that the problems with lack of update was due to website techs restricting her access after the change of hands. I'm going to leave this list of knitting pattern directories available so that if things ever go awry again or your looking for a new site to frequent then you can have a look at those below.

When I first started teaching myself to knit I relied heavily on free patterns and tutorials to help me advance my skills. Like many knitters I took to the internet and typed in' free knitting patterns'. Up popped this awesome site which has been quite a holy grail to knitters  it was Knitting Pattern Central. Run by the very lovely Rachel who had created the site due to demand after the success of her sister site Crochet Pattern Central.
Once I started the Knitted Toy Box I would contact Rachel to let her know that I had added a new pattern and she would alway kindly add it to her directory. Last month when I released my new Elf pattern I popped over to KPC as usual only to find that it had completly changed. I was always aware that Rachel only ever monetised enough to cover her cost of running and the site was virtually ad free. So a bit of routing around Ravelry I discovered that Rachel has recently retired and her site now have new owners. This sounds great as it means the site had potential to be kept alive and kicking after Rachel has put in so much hard (and very much appreciated) work. Sadly it seems that the new owners only serve to make money from vast amount of ads now placed on site, yet the site has not been updated since November 10th which is very sad as many a knitter frequented the site bi-weekly.
I'm hoping that the new owners get their act together and revive the site but until that happens then it looks like us knitters will need to look elswhere for a new blood when it comes to knitting patterns. I'm starting a list for alternative sites you can use in the meantime and hopefully we'll get some news about KPC soon. If you know of an alternative site then leave a comment and I'll add it to the list.

All Free Knitting
The Daily Knitter
knitting at play



A few suggestions
Wishing you a wonderful New Year. Marion x

Michelle said...

Oh, that is sad! KPC and CPC were my total go to sites when I was first introduced to the crafts and the Internet. Since Ravelry, I haven't been visiting as frequently, but it was like an old friend that I just knew would always be there. Sigh. Hope some changes occur there soon, and I appreciate your diligence and generosity in giving us so many free patterns, advice, and important news. Happy new year to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

I was looking for it too and then found out while looking online,that supposedly, the person who ran knittingpatterncentral sold that site and wasn't happy with whom was now running it so she started a new one called:
And it looks likes everything is on there! They also have one for crochet.
Hope this helps!

Raynor said...

Thank you for all the Suggestions i've updated the list. Amy the knitting at play site is fantastic, lets hope it takes off and get to the level KPC and CPC were once at :)