Sunday 13 September 2009


Free Owl Toy Knitting Pattern by Raynor Gellatly.

Hoot Hoo!
I'm back again with another freebie for you all. I've had my eye on the crochet version of this pattern for a while now, it looked so simple and the end result is a fantastic whimsy looking toy. So when I needed an excuse to use up the ever growing stash of toy saftey eyes there was no doubt which pattern I would use, and so the little knitted owlies were born.

The original crochet pattern for little owlets was created by Brigitte Read over at Roman Sock she has gorgeous little creations and a few free crochet patterns for those you who crochet, that little mohair pomeranian is so sweet.

So on to the pattern, Iused 7.5mm eyes from enami eyes for this little fellow (colour: grass green). However please have a look at the link to where you can buy saftey eyes from on the net, there are loads of fantastic sellers out there, my other favourite being 6060 and suncatcher I think these little guys would look so cute with huge eyes so even going up to 8mm or 9mm would look great.
You can even use felt or buttons instead. Experiment, it's fun, plus these guys are so quick to knit you'll want to make loads of them. By the way this pattern only uses decreasing so if your a beginner and want to advance a little from a knit/purl square then try out this pattern.

• Set of 3.25mm needles (UK size 10, US size 3)
• Yarn needle
• Toy stuffing
• 7.5mm coloured safety eyes

Yarn colours
• Brown
• Beige

Yarn weight: Double knitting/ worsted weight

Gauge: not important but make it tight so stuffing doesn’t show through

Finished measurements: approx 2" tall and 2" wide

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Remember never use toy safety eyes on a toy intended for a child under 3 years old, they are a potential choking hazard, please embroider on any features so they cannot be easily removed by little fingers or gnashers!

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CO 24 in brown
1-11. (Begin with purl) st-st 11 rows
12. *k2tog, k2* along (18sts)
13. purl
14. *k2tog, k1* along (12sts)
15. purl
16. *k2tog* along (6sts)

*NOTE this piece is sewn up so that the end toy has the wrong side (reverse stockinette stitch) side on the outside, so the end toy has a slight wavy look to it*

Cut yarn leaving a long yarn tail. With the wrong side on the outside use the long yarn tail to seam together the row ends up to the cast on stitches. Make sure the reverse stockinette stitch is on the outside and add your safety eyes (with the washer side in the 'right' stokinette stitch side) and stuff the head. Continue to sew the cast on stitches together and shape the ears with few stitches at each side. Photographs of how this is done can be seen on the original pattern.

Head Piece
CO 8 in beige
1-10. garter stitch for 10 rows
11. k2tog, k6 (7sts)
12. k2tog, k5 (6sts)
13. k2tog, k4 (5sts)
14. k2tog, k3 (4sts)
15. k2tog, k2 (3sts)
16. k2tog, k1 (2sts)
17. k2tog (1st)

Cut the yarn leaving a long yarn tail to sew the piece onto the head, starting with the cast on stitches placed at the back between the ears and then the point in between the two safety eyes, secure it down with the long yarn tail.

Go forth and multiple these little guys, tiny turtles are so last year, Little owl armys are the way forward!


Sarah Teapot said...

thanks for putting these cute owls up!
i have plans to make 100 of these for xmas presents!

Anonymous said...

Your owlies are adorable, as are all your patterns! And thanks for the mention of Suncatcher Eyes.

Anonymous said...

very cute!

T.A.W. said...

I love owls, he's adorable! I just may have to dust off my crochet needles and give this lil fellow a go. :)

Karina Simmons said...

Very cute. I made a few oddly colored ones for my firends :D


i love your blog. now i´ve got the perfect chrismas presents. and your patterns are so well written that even a german girl can knit a koala bear :) thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the pattern for these little um!

WonderWhyGal said...

It's adorable! hoot hoot! I love the owl!

Caroline and Jayne said...

the owl here is soooooo cute x

Unknown said...

oh wow! These are just the cutest! I am planning to create many of these for family! :D

Amaterasu Abe said...

I made one using fuzzy wool and he looks perfect :) making them for my brother!

Unknown said...

Hi. Great picture love it. Plan to make loads of them
I have made a start and knitted the body and head but when I start to sew it comes out flat and skinny. I don't know where I an going wrong. Can someone help please!!! Xx