Monday, 19 April 2010

Travelling Gnome

Free Travelling Gnome Toy Knitting Pattern by Raynor Gellatly.

If anyone has ever seen the magically whimsical film Amelie then they will know about the story of the travelling gnome. If you haven't seen it then basically it tells the tale of a gnome who was stolen from her fathers garden and only to be returned with pictures of him at famous landmarks around the world!
So when I seen the Simply a gnome! pattern by Else Tennessen I knew I had to make a knitted version, just like the little Amalie gnome.
He is quite simple to make, although his base is a little tricky wiht the increasing but otherwise really quick to knit up and super cute when he's done.
So if your going on your travels soon or you know someone who is then knit them up one of these little guys to take with them and then get them to take their own little travelling gnome pictures, I'd love to see any pictures if anyone did this.

Here's pictures of my very own little gnome on his travels.

• Set of 3.25mm needles (UK size 10, US size 3)
• Yarn needle
• Toy stuffing
• 5mm black safety eyes

Yarn colours
• Red
• Skin
• Blue

Yarn weight: Double knitting/ worsted weight

Gauge: not important but make it tight so stuffing doesn’t show through

Finished measurements: approx 3.5" tall and 2.5" wide

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Remember never use toy safety eyes on a toy intended for a child under 3 years old, they are a potential choking hazard, please embroider on any features so they cannot be easily removed by little fingers or gnashers!

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Gnome Body:CO 6 in red yarn
1. purl
2. *kfb, k1 * along (9 sts)
3. purl
4. *kfb, k2 * along (12 sts)
5. purl
6. *kfb, k3* along(15 sts)
7. purl
8. *kfb, k4* along (18 sts)
9. purl
10. *kfb, k5* along (21 sts)
11. purl
12. * kfb, k6* along (24 sts).
Change to skin yarn.13. purl
14. *kfb, k7* along (27 sts)
15. purl
16. *kfb, k8* along (30 sts).
Change to blue yarn.
17. purl
18. *kfb, k9* along (33 sts)
19. purl
20. *kfb, k10* along (36 sts)
21. purl
22. *kfb, k11* (39 sts)
23. purl
24. BO
Cut yarn, leaving a long tail. Use tail to mattress stitch row ends closed up to the top and secure any loose yarn ends. At this point you may want to add the safety eyes/embroider on eyes to the face of the gnome.
Gnome Bottom:CO 6 with blue yarn
1. purl
2. *kfb* along(12 sts)
3. *pfb,p1* along (18 sts)
4. *kfb,k2* along (24 sts)
5. *pfb,p3* along (30 sts)
6. *kfb, k4* along (36 sts)
7. *pfb,p11* along(39 sts)

Cut yarn, leaving a long tail. Use tail to mattress stitch row ends closed secure any loose yarn ends. You should be left with a flat disc like shape.

co 3 in white
1. purl
2. *kfb* along (6sts)
3. purl
4. *kfb,k1* along (9sts)
5. purl
6. knit
7. purl
8.BO (Leaving a long yarn tail)


Attach the base of the gnome to the body striching together the bind off edges, strop once you get 3/4 way round to stuff the gnome and then continue to close the remaining stitches. Weave in any loose ends.
Use the long tail of the beard and attach it to the part of the body where the skin yarn meets the blue yarn (see photos as guidance).
Now get snapping!
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