Sunday 20 December 2009

Amigurumi Mistletoe

 Free Christmas Mistletoe Toy Knitting Pattern by Raynor Gellatly.

Hey all,
Seems like forever since I've last posted. Just got back into the swing of knitting now I'm off for the holidays. So as it's 'that' time of year I had been searching for some adorable patterns to convert when i stumbled across this crochet mistletoe by Riot of Daisies, as you can see that pattern was inspired by a website call Kawaii Not, and this cartoon by Megan Murphy . Honestly I love that website, I have been reading it for a while and Megan has got a great sense of humour, I love how she gives such personality to totally inanimate objects.

So here is a little Christmas/new year decoration for you to quickly whip up.seriously it will take you no more than a few hours at the most to whip up this little cutie.

• Set of 3.25mm needles (UK size 10, US size 3) Your best to use double pointed needles as it's easier to i-cord this way.
• Yarn needle
• Toy stuffing
• 5mm safety eyes
• Black embroidery thread
• Small piece of red ribbon (optional)

Yarn colours
• White
• Green
• Scraps of red (optional)

Yarn weight: Double knitting/ worsted weight

Gauge: not important but make it tight so stuffing doesn’t show through

Finished measurements
: approx 5" long and 2" wide

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Remember never use toy safety eyes on a toy intended for a child under 3 years old, they are a potential choking hazard, please embroider on any features so they cannot be easily removed by little fingers or gnashers!

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Ball & Stem
CO6 in white
1. purl
2. Kfb (12sts)
3. Purl
4. *Kfb, k1* along (18st)
5. Purl
6. *Kfb, k2* along (24st)
7. Purl
8. *Kfb, k3* along (30st)
9. purl
10. *K2tog, k3* along (24st)
11. Purl
12. *K2tog, k2* along (18st)
13. Purl
14. *K2tog, k1* along (12st)
15. Purl
26. *K2tog* along (6st)
Change to green yarn
27. *K2tog, k1* along (4st)
28. With the remaining 4 sts I-cord for 3" (approx 25 rows)
Bind off

Cut yarn, leaving a long tail. Draw tail through remaining stitches and pull tightly and secure. Use tail to mattress stitch row ends closed stopping halfway down the ball to add eyes and embroider on a mouth and fill with stuffing. Close remaining opening and secure any loose yarn ends.

CO 45 in green
1. BO all stitches

Join the two row ends together so you have one continuous thin hoop of yarn. Place a stitch in the middle of the hoop so that it now looks like a figure of 8. use this stitch as a guideline to attached the leaf to the stem about half way up.

Add a small piece of red ribbon or a scrap of red yarn just above the ball, and your done.

Now all you have to do is hang the decoration and pucker up!

Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year, hope you have a good one. Online Knitting Class


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I dont crochet and so it makes me sad when I see something really cut like a amigurami doll and I cant do it because it is crochet and I'm a knitter. Thankyou for sharing this pattern with me my little girls will love it:) Hugs Darcy

Alyssa said...

SO CUTE! Once again, you're amazing, and once again, I'm posting this on my blog :)

I hope you have an awesome holiday!

Anonymous said...

I am popping over to thank you so much for providing the sleepy puppy pattern. I was asked to knit 12 for the guests at my nephews wedding. Well we had such fun today taking pictures of their escapades.
I cant put them on Flicker yet but if you would like a peep
All thanks to your generosity
sharing your pattern Kindest Regards Linda
I have of course put your link on my blog¬

Cathy Champion said...

HELLLLO ladies, didn't you look at this pattern??? It's NOT crochet - it's knitted!