Monday, 7 July 2008

The Golden Snitch

 Free Golden Snitch Toy Knitting Pattern by Raynor Gellatly.

Ok i'm back to focusing on my pattern writing for a while so I've written up a nice quick little project for all you Harry Potter fans out there. With a new movie coming out at the End of the year, i thought I would give you a little Hogwarts fix while your waiting.
This Golden Snitch is really quick to knit up, but you'll have to be fast to catch it once it's done!

(Harry Potter and all associated characters are copyright of J.K Rowling)

There is now a french translation of the golden snitch pattern is now available. Please click here for the link, adobe pdf reader will be required to view the pattern. A big thank you to Caradjine on ravelry for taking the time to translate the pattern.
free harry potter golden snitch knitting pattern toy

· Set of 2.25mm needles (UK size 13, US size 1)
· Yarn needle
· Toy stuffing

Yarn colours· Yellow/gold
· White/silver

Yarn weight: Double knitting/ worsted weight

Gauge: not important but make it tight so stuffing doesn’t show through

Finished measurements: approx 4.5" long and 2" tall

Use yellow yarn
CO 6 sts
1. purl
2. kfb every sts (12sts)
3. purl
4. * kfb,k1* along (18sts)
5. Purl
6. *kfb,k2* along (24sts)
7. Purl
8. *kfb,k3* along (30sts)
9. Purl
10. *kfb,k4* along (36sts)
11. Purl
12. *kfb,k5* along (42sts)
13-19. St-st for 7 rows
20. *K2tog, k5* along (36sts)
21. purl
22. *K2tog, k4* along (30sts)
23. purl
24. *K2tog, k3* along (24sts)
25. Purl
26. *K2tog, k2* along (18sts)
27. purl
28. *K2tog, k1* along (12sts)
29. Purl
30. *K2tog * along (6sts)
Cut yarn, leaving a long tail. Draw tail through remaining stitches and pull tightly and secure. Use tail to mattress stitch row ends closed stopping halfway to fill with stuffing. Close remaining opening and secure any loose yarn ends.

Wings (make 2)Using the white yarn
CO 3 sts
1. Knit
2. Kfb along (6sts)
3-5. Knit 3 rows
6. K2tog along (3sts)
7. Knit
8.Kfb along (6sts)
10. K3,kfb three times (9sts)
12. K7,kfb,k1 (10sts)
13-25. Knit 13 rows (garter stitch)
26. K7, k2tog, k1 (9sts)
27. Knit
28. K6,k2tog,k1(8sts)
29-31. Knit 3 rows
32. K5,k2tog,k1 (7sts)
33-35. Knit 3 rows
36. K4,k2tog,k1 (6sts)
37-43. Knit 7 rows
44. K3,k2tog,k1 (5sts)
45-47. Knit 3 rows
48. K2,k2tog,k1 (4sts)
49-51. Knit 3 rows
52. K1,k2tog,k1 (3sts)
53-55. Knit 3 rows
56. K2tog,k1 (2sts)
57-59. Knit 3 rows
Cut the yarn leaving a long tail, draw the tail through the last remaining stitches and then weave in any loose ends.

Attach the wings to each side of the ball.

Other Information
Try knitting the Snitch with metallic flecked yarn in gold for the ball and silver for the wings, to give it a more realistic look.

Enjoy your Snitch.
♥ Raynor

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