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Pinwheel Toy Knitting Pattern

Recently I stumbled upon this little crochet pinwheel by Emily Gettle. You guys must know by now how I just love a crochet pattern to knit pattern conversion, right? Well I looked at how they were constructed and thought that these are another great project which is quick and can help you use up those lovely scrap yarns. Plus don't they just look so cute? Knit up some mini  toy pinwheels for kids, perhaps party favours? I bet your thinking of all the places that these could be used: appliqu├ęs, gift tags, hair clips, party decor, card making, you name it these little pin wheels can adorn them all.

• Set of 3.25mm needles (UK size 10, US size 3)
• Yarn needle
• 6" wooden dowel (I used a long cotton cleaning swab)
• Button
• Glue Gun (optional)
• Ribbon (optional)

Yarn weight: Double knitting/ worsted weight
Gauge: not important but make it tight so gaps don't show through
Finished measurements: approx 4.5" long and  4.5" wide (without the stick)

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Remember never use embellishments such as buttons or ribbon on a toy intended for a child under 3 years old, they are a potential choking hazard, please embroider on any features so that children cannot swallow them or  stick them up nostrils or in ears!

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Pin Wheel Pattern
Make 4
CO 20 (I used knit cast on)
1. knit
2. knit
3. purl
4. k1, k2tog, k14, k2tog, k1 (18sts)
5. purl
6. k1, k2tog, k12, k2tog, k1 (16sts)
7. purl
8.  k1, k2tog, k10, k2tog, k1 (14sts)
9. purl
10.  k1, k2tog, k8, k2tog, k1 (12sts)
11. purl
12.  k1, k2tog, k6, k2tog, k1 (10sts)
13. purl
14.  k1, k2tog, k4, k2tog, k1 (8sts)
15. purl
16.  k1, k2tog, k2, k2tog, k1 (6sts)
17. purl
18.  k1, k2tog twice, k1 (4sts)
19. purl
Cut yarn, leaving a long tail. Draw tail through remaining stitches and pull tightly and secure.

Make it up

  1. Position your knitted pieces in the order you want them with the wrong side (purl side) up. Sew together  the sides approx 1" from the centre point as shown in diagram 1.
  2. On the top triangle take the upper right corner and fold it down into the centre of the pin-wheel and secure in place.
  3. Repeat step 2 with the left side triangle.
  4. Repeat step 2 with the bottom triangle.
  5. Repeat step 2 with the right side triangle.
  6. Your pinwheel should look like this when truned the side side up, you may want to weave in all the loose yarn ends at this point, leaving two strands on the wrong side to attach the button and wooden dowel.
  7. Attach a contrasting button to the centre of the pin wheel on the right side.
  8. Attach the wooden dowel to the wrong side. I simply tied the dowel with the two extra strands left from step 6, however I recommend using a glue gun to attach it securely.

I added a little ribbon on the stick, which I thought would be a cute idea especially if these are used as cake toppers or even as place cards for a party or wedding.

If you  like these little pin wheels remember to share on pinterest and to post some pictures on Ravelry of your finished work, i'd love to see what you creative lot come up with.
Happy Knitting

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